Development and validation of indicators of site sensitivity to biomass harvesting


  • Project funded by PERD (Program of Energy Research and Development).
  • Remeasurement and monitoring of current biomass harvesting experimental designs. Some designs are from the Canadian sites of the Long-Term Site Productivity(LTSP) network and other designs are implemented by the provinces and the CFS.
  • Analysis and integration of research results from the boreal and temperate forests.
  • Implementation of a Canadia-wide network of plots to monitor the effects of biomass harvesting over the long term. Collaboration with regional and industrial partners. Integration of monitoring data into the National Forest Inventory database.


  • David Paré, CFS-LFC
  • Rob Fleming, CFS-GLFC
  • Paul Hazlett, CFS-GLFC
  • Barbara Kishchuk, CFS-NFC
  • Brian Titus, CFS-PFC
  • Doug Maynard, CFS-PFC 
  • Kirsten Hannam, postdoctoral trainee

Project status

  • On-going