Levels-of-Growing-Stock Study (LOGS)

Levels-Of-Growing-Stock (L.O.G.S.) Cooperative Study in Douglas-fir

Thinning is an important silviculture tool for controlling and modifying tree and stand development. Objectives may include increasing tree volume, tree size, and wood quality and developing stand structures and characteristics for other values, such as wildlife, biodiversity and visual aesthetics.

The Levels-Of-Growing-Stock (L.O.G.S.) Cooperative Study in Douglas-fir, with research installations extending from southern Oregon to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, was initiated in the early 1960's. The study was designed to provide information on the relationship between thinning and tree and stand growth in managed stands of young Douglas-fir in order to increase timber production.

The cooperative continues to provide this information, but the long-term research is also providing valuable information on the potential flexibility in managing Douglas-fir and on designing regimes to meet a wider range of stand management objectives.

Project status

  • On-going

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