Screening spruce for white pine weevil resistance

Insect - plant relationships

Insect - plant relationships
Plant Defenses   Effect on Insect   Insect Adaptation
Nutritional <--> Poor nutrition <--> Avoid, Compensate
Constitutive <--> Repellent Physical Toxic <--> Avoid Detoxify
Inducible <--> Repellent Toxic <--> Avoid, Suppress Detoxify
Guild <--> Confusion <--> Use alternate cues
^------- Adaptation -------^

Adapted from Panda and Kush, 1995

Resistance mechanisms

The causes of resistance are currently being studied. After examining over 29,000 trees, it was concluded that resistance in spruce to the White pine weevil is likely to follow the model developed by Panda and Kush (1995). In this model resistance is viewed as a multi-layered defense system involving nutritional, constitutive, inducible and guild (or population) defenses. Some of these defenses may interfere with the physiology of the insect. These defenses are countered by weevil adaptations to avoid, suppress or detoxify these defenses.

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