Statistical data

Greenhouse gas inventory (Canada) Footnote 1

  2015 2016 2017
For forest lands affected by land-use change
Removals from the atmosphere due to afforestation (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 0.5 -0.4  
Total emissions due to deforestation (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 9.6 9.7  
For managed forests
Area of managed forests (hectares) 226,000,000 226,000,000  
Total net emissions or removals to the atmosphere, all causes (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 221.0 77.6  
Net emissions or removals due to natural disturbances (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 247.1 97.7  
Net emissions or removals due to human forest management activities and from harvested wood products (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) -26.2 -20.1  
Transfers from the managed forest sector to the forest products sector due to harvesting (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) -164.0 -164.3  
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