Statistical data

Forest inventory

Forest area by classification (hectares)
Forest land 361,732,641
Other wooded land 36,249,346
Other land with tree cover 12,662,714
Forest area change (hectares, 2020)
Afforestation Not available
Deforestation 49,352
Agriculture 22,378
Mining, oil and gas 15,144
Built-up 9,637
Hydroelectric 1,101
Forestry 1,092
Forest ownership
Provincial 75.4%
Territorial 13.0%
Private 6.7%
Indigenous 2.1%
Federal 1.7%
Growing stock (million cubic metres, 2020)
Total volume 49,900


Insects (hectares, 2020)
Area defoliated by insects and containing beetle-killed trees 17,768,618
Fires (2021)
Area burned (hectares) 4,307,520
Number of fires 6,596

Forest management

Harvesting (2020)
Area harvested (hectares) 710,333
Volume harvested (cubic metres) 143,061,196
Regeneration (hectares, 2020)
Area planted 422,363
Area seeded 9,210
Third-party certification (hectares, 2021)
Area certified 158,391,456
Protected forest (IUCN categories)
Ia Strict nature reserve 0.1%
Ib Wilderness area 2.4%
II Ecosystem conservation and protection 6.3%
III Conservation of natural features 0.0%
IV Conservation through active management 0.3%
V Landscape conservation and recreation 0.0%

Greenhouse gas inventory

For forest lands affected by land-use change (2020)
Removals from the atmosphere due to afforestation (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 0.2
Total emissions due to deforestation (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 11.5
For managed forests (2020)
Area of managed forests (hectares) 225,516,062
Total net emissions or removals to the atmosphere, all causes (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 3.5
Net emissions or removals due to natural disturbances (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) 8.8
Net emissions or removals due to human forest management activities and from harvested wood products (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) -5.3
Transfers from the managed forest sector to the forest products sector due to harvesting (CO2e/yr, megatonnes) -141.9

Domestic economic impact

Contribution to nominal GDP (current dollars, 2021)
Forestry and logging 5,270,035,084
Pulp and paper product manufacturing 9,719,878,832
Wood product manufacturing 19,820,127,123
Total contribution to nominal GDP 34,810,041,039
Contribution to real GDP (constant 2012 dollars, 2021)
Forestry and logging 3,844,000,000
Pulp and paper product manufacturing 6,685,000,000
Wood product manufacturing 9,020,000,000
Total contribution to real GDP 19,549,000,000
Employment (number, 2021)
Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours 177,693
Canadian System of National Accounts 205,365
Natural Resources Satellite Account 210,706
Direct and indirect employment 345,825
Wages and salaries (dollars, 2020) 10,556,105,000
Capital expenditures (dollars, 2021) 2,659,800,000
Repair expenditures (dollars, 2020) 2,793,800,000
Revenue from goods manufactured (dollars, 2020) 72,945,276,000


Balance of trade (total exports, dollars, 2021) 31,957,683,387
Value of domestic exports (dollars, 2021)
Primary wood products 1,327,619,745
Pulp and paper products 16,702,542,987
Wood-fabricated materials 26,866,265,998
Total value of exports 44,896,428,730
Value of imports (dollars, 2021) 12,938,745,343

Domestic production and consumption

Production (2021)
Hardwood lumber (cubic metres) 873,500
Softwood lumber (cubic metres) 55,950,700
Newsprint (tonnes) 1,888,000
Printing and writing paper (tonnes) 2,418,000
Wood pulp (tonnes) 14,266,000
Structural panels (plywood and oriented strandboard) (cubic metres) 8,938,385
Consumption (2021)
Hardwood lumber (cubic metres) 1,038,494
Softwood lumber (cubic metres) 19,963,049
Newsprint (tonnes) -90,833
Printing and writing paper (tonnes) 937,245
Wood pulp (tonnes) 6,643,821
Structural panels (plywood and oriented strandboard) (cubic metres) 4,111,910