Regional, national and international climate modeling

Other bioclimatic variables

  1. julian day number of start of the growing season
  2.  julian day number at end of the growing season
  3. number of days of the growing season
  4. total precipitation for period 1
  5. total precipitation for period 2
  6. total precipitation for period 3
  7. total precipitation for period 4
  8. gdd above base_temp for period 1
  9. gdd above base_temp for period 2
  10. gdd above base_temp for period 3
  11. gdd above base_temp for period 4
  12. annual mean temperature
  13. annual minimum temperature
  14. annual maximum temperature
  15. mean temperature for period 3
  16. temperature range for period 3

Growing season

Growing seasons vary for each plant species. The growing season here was determined using temperature-based rules, starting when the mean daily temperature was greater than or equal to 5 degrees Celsius for 5 consecutive days beginning March 1. The growing season ends when the average minimum temperature is less than -2 degrees Celsius beginning August 1. These rules are aimed more towards defining a growing season for tree species than agricultural crops as they are more clearly related to a frost free period. Other rules can be applied relatively easily and may be available upon request.

  • Period 1 - 3 months prior to the start of the growing season
  • Period 2 - the 1st six weeks of the growing season
  • Period 3 - the growing season
  • Period 4 - the difference between period 3 and period 2